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Curfex is a licensed, international online money transfer platform. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer cross-border payments securely for you at the lowest possible cost and quickest possible time.

Curfex sends to the following countries:

  • - Australia
  • - Austria
  • - Belgium
  • - Bulgaria
  • - Canada
  • - China
  • - Croatia
  • - Czech Republic
  • - Denmark
  • - Estonia
  • - Finland
  • - France
  • - Germany
  • - Greece
  • - Hong Kong
  • - Hungary
  • - Iceland
  • - India
  • - Indonesia
  • - Ireland
  • - Italy
  • - Japan
  • - Latvia
  • - Lithuania
  • - -Luxemburg
  • - Malaysia
  • - Mexico
  • - Nepal
  • - Netherlands
  • - New Zealand
  • - Norway
  • - Poland
  • - Portugal
  • - Romania
  • - San Marino
  • - Singapore
  • - Slovakia
  • - Slovenia
  • - South Korea
  • - Spain
  • - Sweden
  • - Switzerland
  • - Thailand
  • - United Kingdom
  • - United States Of America
  • - Vietnam

We have customized solutions for other currencies as well. Get in touch with sales@curfex.com to find out more.

  1. Fair & Best Available Rate
    We eliminate buy/sell spread. We offer real-time interbank rate from reputable data sources.
  2. Transparent
    We charge 1% flat fee for your personal transfer. You know exactly how much you are paying and getting in return.
  3. Convenience
    We bring you every convenience of an online service with a personal touch. You can request, track and manage your transfers anywhere and anytime.
  4. Guaranteed Delivery Time
    All transfers will be completed within 1-2 business days and you will be notified every step of the way.

We did a survey on the cost of transferring to different countries, using the bank and below are the summary of cost and savings. You can save up to 87% with Curfex.

  • Sending from Hong Kong
    The sending amount used in the survey is HKD20,000
  • Receiving Currency Bank Cost Curfex Cost Savings
    AUD 3.10% 1.00% 68%
    CNY 2.94% 1.00% 66%
    HKD 2.40% 1.00% 58%
    IDR 3.43% 1.00% 71%
    KRW 5.07% 1.00% 80%
    MYR 3.13% 1.00% 68%
    PHP 4.56% 1.00% 78%
    SGD 2.91% 1.00% 66%

  • Sending from Japan
    The sending amount used in the survey is JPY250,000
  • Receiving Currency Bank Cost Curfex Cost Savings
    AUD 4.16% 1.00% 76%
    CNY 2.92% 1.00% 66%
    HKD 4.37% 1.00% 77%
    IDR 5.13% 1.00% 81%
    KRW 3.17% 1.00% 68%
    MYR 5.94% 1.00% 83%
    PHP 7.93% 1.00% 87%
    SGD 2.30% 1.00% 56%
    *survey was conducted on 17 July 2018

  • Sending from Hong Kong:
    You can set up your Curfex account in 4 easy steps:
    • - Step 1: Click on Register and enter your invitation code on www.curfex.com
    • - Step 2: Enter the email verification code sent to your email.
    • - Step 3: Complete the registration form with your personal information.
    • - Step 4: Upload the documents required for verification.

  • Sending from Japan:
    You can set up your Curfex account in 4 easy steps:
    • - Step 1: Click on Register on www.curfex.com
    • - Step 2: Enter the email verification code sent to your email.
    • - Step 3: Complete the registration form with your personal information.
    • - Step 4: Scan the QR code provided to complete eKYC on your mobile device.
    *We will review and approve your account under 1 business day if everything is in order.

    We will need your basic personal information for our know-your-customer and due diligence processes as required by law.
    Supporting documents such as the below will also be collected:

    1. Sending from Hong Kong:
      • - National identification (ID or passport)
      • - Proof of address
    2. Sending from Japan
      • - My Number Card
      • - Residence Card or Driving License

    We protect and safeguard your information as stated in our Privacy Policy.

    Our online platform is available 24/7 and we have dedicated support personnel to respond to your enquiries during normal business hours (09:00-18:00 HKT). Alternatively, contact us at hello@curfex.com and we will get back to you as fast as we complete your transfers.

    4 simple steps:

    • - Step 1: Set up a Curfex account.
    • - Step 2: Get a quote online (make sure that we are cheaper)
    • - Step 3: Fill out the beneficiary details and confirm the transfer request.
    • - Step 4: Send your funds over to us.
    1. Sending from Hong Kong
      We have self-imposed a minimum of HKD2,500 and a maximum of HKD100,000 per online transfer.
    2. Sending from Japan
      There is a minimum of JPY50,000 and a maximum of JPY1,000,000 per online transfer.

    Should you have a different need or for corporate transfer, please get in touch with sales@curfex.com.

    We charge 1% across the board.

    You can use our online conversion calculator to see the breakdown and how much you are saving each time you transfer through us.

    Most of the time you will receive your money within 1 business day upon receipt of fund. We might be slowed down by banks' cut-off hours, but all transfers will be completed no later than 2 business days.

    You will receive notification from us every single step of the way. You can also monitor the status of the transfer process online.

    Sorry, we only accept electronic fund transfer such as bank transfer. This is part of our Security Policy to enhance transparency and compliance.

    No, we do not accept fund transfer from anyone other than your own bank account. This is part of our Security Policy to enhance transparency and compliance.

    Yes, our online platform is available 24/7 for you to request for quotes and transfers. However, transfers will only be executed during standard local banking hours.

    Yes, you may cancel before we process your transaction. Do note that we will process your transaction as soon as we confirm receipt of fund.

    Of course, you can! We are licensed by authorities in each jurisdiction we operate in and we only work with licensed financial institutions to safeguard your interest.

    Curfex (HK) Limited is licensed and regulated by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department as a Money Services Operator (MSO) License Number 20-12-02994

    Curfex Japan, Inc is licensed and regulated by the Kanto Local Finance Bureau as a Fund Transfer Operator (FTO) License Number 00059

    Our company ethos is to provide value, convenience and more importantly, transparency and security to our users. In addition, your money is held in a segregated account, away from Curfex's operating account.

    The services provided are similar but with some differences. Services provided by the FTO:

    1. have a limit of JPY 1,000,000 per transfer;
    2. do not constitute the acceptance of deposits, savings or fixed time deposits;
    3. are not entitled to the payment of insurance claims prescribed in the Deposit Insurance Act; and
    4. are protected by the security deposit system established under the Payment Services Act;

    Absolutely! We use advanced data security encryption to ensure all information sent between your web browser and our website remains private and secure. The servers we use to store your information are protected both physically and electronically and go through extensive random security checks for any suspicious activity. The servers reside behind a firewall and are not directly connected to the Internet. We regularly audit our security policies to ensure the protection of your personal data. All Curfex employees pass financial and criminal background checks as a condition of employment.

    Curfex is required by law to verify the identity of all our users.